Saturday, March 28, 2020

Smile Big

Hey, Friends!! Design Team Member Mitsyana here and I'm back on the I AM Roses Blog to share with you a sweet card to give BIG SMILES to whoever receives it.

Winter is gone and here in Mid-Texas, we are starting to see the local wildflowers starting to take bloom. I live in a rural area, far from the city, so when the flowers bloom we have rolling hills and fields full of flowers just painting the countryside. It's absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I want to share that beauty with friends but sadly fresh flowers have a tendency to wilt and die. Thankfully I Am Roses flowers never do! 

So today, I'm sending out some 'mailable' springtime cheer. With recent events looking a bit grim I think that the world could use a whole lot more sprinkled here and there.

Today, I'm using IAR's 

One of the reasons I love I Am Roses flowers so much is the amazing detail that goes into each flower. The colors, the dimension, the texture, and meticulous detail is absolutely stunning!! 

Take a closer look at these below...

The quality of these flowers never ceases to amaze me. And it is that attention to detail that has me completely addicted and wanting more.

They make my card making so effortless and turn my simple cards into stunning works of art!!

These gardenias and curly flowers are absolutely GORGEOUS!! If these don't bring a smile to your face I don't know what will!

I hope you love these paper beauties as much as I do and are inspired to sprinkle happiness and share a smile or two!

Thanks for stopping by!

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