Sunday, February 28, 2021

Flower cardmaking "Spring in Paris" from Julia MITRA.

Hello, friends!

Well, finally! Spring has come! And with it, the first drop, birdsong, and romance...

And what is the most romantic city on earth? Of course, the one where YOU are happy! And Paris, of course))

My new project is a spring cardmaking - it's like a call to this beautiful time of the year, spring blooming and fragrant. Well, the detail of romance is the Eiffel Tower.

The card turned out to be very gentle and romantic, in cold colors.

For the decor I used many beautiful flowers from I Am Roses - cherries, lilies, small apple flowers...

Among the decor you can see a lot of butterflies, stamping leaves, anemones, chipboard, embossing on vellum and die-cuts.

The inscription - Life is beautiful!

And a charming key - for good luck!

And the reverse side, here I used the inscription "Gratis".

And, of course, beautiful flowers))
Spring is already here!

Waiting you in our February IAR Challenge!

Thanks for watching!
With love, Julia)

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