Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A New Spring Album

,Hello friends
It's Avishag with a new album.

The album size is 8.5 inch * 6 inch, with place for 40 photos, and beautiful shaker in the front.

I have used a lot of embellishments in this album design: lace, chipboard, metals, buttons, beads, molds and of course I Am Roses flowers.

The beautiful papers which I used in this album are "עוד רגע אביב" - "The spring is coming" by Keren Sevilia.

The IMR flowers that I used are:

I hope that you enjoyed.



קרן אהרון said...


שלומי מנחם said...


שמואל אלון said...

Beautiful very beautiful

ריקי אמויאל said...

Amazing!!! You are so gifted��

Ricki arussi said...

Wowwwwww its beautiful!!

Gili Grinspun-Peri said...

Avishag, your album is so nice. It’s size is perfect for photos, the colors are calm and worm, and all the embellishments adds the final touch.

Shani Hay said...

Talented Avishag well done! ♡♡♡

שירה שבתאי said...

Perfect i love your worke so much

Tali Shaul said...

Amazing album

צביה בכר Zvia Bachar said...

Amazing in its beauty!!!
An album so beautiful and gentle !!!