Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! ATС series "Gothic night" from Julia MITRA.

Hello, friends!
Want something scary and Gothic? So, I'm, Julia, ready to give it to you!)
Today is Halloween and I have prepared for you one very creative and atmospheric inspiration - a series of mixed-media ATС called "Gothic night".

I especially like pumpkins this year, so I decided to make another pumpkin project, only now in a more gloomy, but cute version))

I love to create a multi-layer, it was interesting to consider the details and find more and more beautiful things.

Of course, in this project I used our amazing flowers - this time mainly roses:

The roses were carefully placed in the composition to harmonize not only with the idea, but also the embodiment of the Gothic night in the cemetery.

As you can see, I decided to make an unusual shape for cards and cut out of cardboard different shapes - in the form of tombstones.

To create a textured background on the basis of cardboard, I applied a texture paste through the stencil "Damascus".

Then I dried it and applied a primer - black gesso.

Then I decided to do a layering and added a little gauze and sisal, then applied to the cards sprays.

Then I started creating layers. They turned out to be very detailed and even a little scary))

I mainly used a chipboard for the project, and also added some paper scraps.
A round elements - it's acrylic drops and glass stones.

Also in the layers I used die-cuts (ScrapMan) and decorated the cards with plaster crowns (which I also primed with black gesso).

The main scary characters - pumpkins - I painted in several stages with the help of Rustic paints, then a little metallic paint, and then again a little Rustic. So pumpkins in color turned out very textured and interesting.

Then I sprayed the cards again, dried them, and added topping - black pebbles.
The black pebbles look very much like gravel, as you might notice in a graveyard. Very atmospheric!

After I painted the background with a dry brush and on the details a little with the help of metallic paints (Bronze, Golden cinnamon, Black pearl) - all from Fabrika Decoru.
And the final touch - I sprinkled the project with black dots.

Are you scared?))

Thanks for watching!
And have a little fun on the Halloween!))
With ♥, Julia)

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