Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Round mixed-media ATC "Fall through the water" from Julia MITRA.

Hello there!
It's Julia here and my autumn mood!
For me, autumn colors are not only leaf fall and crimson, but also a charming splash of cold water, the crackle of twigs and the aroma of withering and slightly tart freshness.
All these emotions I wanted to show in my mixed-media ATC series.

As a basis, I took the shape of a circle, which was cut out of binding cardboard. Then I primed the base, covering it with gauze.

Next, I added a texture paste through the stencil and sprinkled with sprays and magic paints.

Also on the basis of I added background stamping, as well as some details in the project.

In addition to sprays, I actively used acrylic paints from Fabrica Decoru for the base and details.

ATC series turned out to be bright and atmospheric, with many details and layers.

In layers you can notice cotton mesh lace, chipboard, corrugated board, die-cuts, stamped leaves, round glass (large) and acrylic drops, toppings.

And for decoration I used our beautiful flowers, of course!

There are such wonderful flowers in this project:

I really liked to play with color and alternate textures and paints, but even more I like the details - leaves, for example, or chipboard feathers... And even droplets!

In my project I used magic paints and magic paints with effect: Cobat Blue, Orange, Olive, Siena Natural, Golden Heavens, Chocolate with bronze, Golden sand.

In addition to dry magic paint, I used acrylic Rustic Paint and Shabby Velour, as well as metallic paints - Bronze and Bounty.

Rustic Paints is Dark turquoise, Concrete and Iron oxide.
Shabby velour is Olive color.
All paints from Fabrika Decoru.

That's such a bright and outstanding series of round ATC I got! 
I hope you enjoyed them))

See you in our future October IAR Challenge in the next time!
With ♥, Julia)


Shulgina Olga said...

Красота какая!

Юлия MITRA said...

Олечка, спасибо большое за внимание и комплименты))